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An application is considered complete when we received the following:

1) Application from each person age 18 and over who will be living at the property

2) Provide a copy of a valid form of identification

3) Proof of income or co-signer letter

4) Nonrefundable $45 application fee per applicant age 18 and over  

If applying as part of a group of residents planning to live together, the application is not complete until all proposed residents’ applications have been received and the processing fee paid. Disapproval of one applicant terminates the application unless the non-disapproved applicant(s) elect to resubmit their application without the disapproved applicant.


Income Requirements:

1) Earn verifiable income equal or exceed 2.75 times the rent.

2) If documented income is savings, applicant must have 2 times the total annual rent.

3) Students w/o income are allowed with a co-signer or can show financial aid package.


 Credit Requirements:

1) Minimum credit score of 700 or higher.

2) Derogatory credit history may result in denial of tenancy.

3) Applicants with no credit history are allowed (co-signer required).

We do not accept “comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports.”


Rental History:

1) For applicants with prior rental history, favorable reference(s) must be received from minimum of one landlord.  Any negative history from a prior landlord is grounds for denial of tenancy.

2) For applicants without prior rental history, adequate personal reference or co-signer letter.

3) If positive reference is not obtained within 72 hours of initial contact, we reserve the right to move on to the next application in line.


 Sex Offender Registry Information:

We perform an individualized assessment of any adult on a county, state, or national sex offender registry to determine whether a business reason exists to deny tenancy. We consider the nature and severity of the offense, the number and type of convictions, the time that has elapsed since the conviction, your age at the time of conviction, evidence of good tenant history before and after conviction, any additional information showing rehabilitation, good conduct, or other factors that you would like us to consider.



This is a No Smoking and No Pets building.

Applications are processed on a first come first served basis.  Please note that, while applications are processed in the order received, other factors such as the requested move-in date may result in priority of another application.

Upon approval of application, applicant will be given 48 hours to put down a Holding Deposit (25% of one month rent ) to secure the apartment. If Holding Deposit is not paid within 48 hours, landlord reserves the right to move on to the next applicant in line. The Holding Deposit will apply towards Refundable Security Deposit when you move in. If applicant fails to sign the lease or otherwise, by words or deeds, indicates that he/she does not intend to occupy the premises, the holding deposit shall be forfeited as liquidated damages.

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